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    Updated Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 4:05 AM CDT

We at Jar think “Everyone can Buy Digital Gold”, No matter how small the amount is. Saving Money is crucial to a financially secure future. Start your Daily Savings Journey in just 45 Seconds with India's Digital Gullak Jar App. Start your Investment in 24K Digital Gold and Grow your Money. You can start Investing in Digital Gold from ₹10 on the 100% Secure Savings and investment Platform.

We’ve helped millions of Indians Start their Daily Savings journey seamlessly and Grow their Investment at the same time. Now, It’s your turn to start investing in Digital Gold through the Jar App(India's Digital Gullak) with just your spare changes.

Now you can buy Gold by checking the Latest Gold Price Today

Jar gives you real-time updates on Gold rates with our 'Gold price tool'. The chart is automatically refreshed and the price is updated every minute. Easily check the Gold price today along with its purity. You can specifically check for a 1-gram Gold rate and 24KT Gold price today as well. Check the Gold Price and Start Saving Now.

Services Available on Jar App -
Digital Gold Savings: You can Save Money automatically in Digital Gold on a Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. With the Round Off feature, you can Save your Spare Changes every time you purchase something.
Loans: Get an Instant Personal Loan up to 5 Lakh with Jar App with an APR of 18.89% for 3 to 60 Months.
Insurance: Light up your life with Health Insurance, which only takes ₹20/day to give you ₹10 Lakh worth of health benefits and 7000+ Hospitals with Free Doctor visits up to ₹5000.
Jewellery Purchase: Buy Stylish Daily Wear Gold Jewellery from VIBA by Jar, available in 5000+ Unique Designs.

Digital Gold Purchase Charges:
The government charges 3% GST on Digital Gold purchase transactions.
Buy-Sell Spread for Digital Gold is 2% - 3%. For more details:

Digital Gold Partner: Digital Gold India Private Ltd (

A representative example of Rs 100 Gold Purchase Transaction -
Sample Gold Purchase Rate (per gram) = ₹ 6000
Value of gold to be bought = ₹ 97.09
Government GST Charges (3%) = ₹ 2.91
Amount to be paid = ₹ 100
Gold quantity to be bought (in grams) = (97.09 / 6000) = 0.0162 gm

Partner Registered NBFCs:
Kisetsu Saison Finance (India) Private Limited:
Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.:

Terms and Conditions:
Privacy Policy:

Personal Loan T&C (Available for selected users)
• Minimum & maximum period for repayment - 3 to 60 months
• Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 30%

For a loan taken, the below charges are applicable:
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 30%
Processing Fees (PF) : 1.5%- 3% (GST applicable)

A representative example of total cost of loan, including principal & all applicable fees:
(Applicable for all above lenders)
Loan Amount/Principal: ₹50000
Tenure: 12 months
Rate of Interest: 15% per annum
Processing Fee: ₹1000 (2% inclusive GST)
Total Interest: ₹4156
Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI): ₹4513
Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 18.89%
Amount Disbursed: ₹49000
Total Repayment Amount: ₹54156

In Case of query, please contact us -
Official Website:
Office Address: No. 752, Vasantham Building, 18th Main, 5th Cross Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095
WhatsApp Support:
Email: [email protected]

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