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  • All Document Reader & Viewer

    All Document Reader & Viewer CPA Offer

    Updated Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 12:40 AM CDT

All Document Reader & Viewer - A Powerful & All in One office app to read and edit all kind of document format on your mobile phone
All Document Reader will help you manage and organize your documents

Main Functions:
⭐️ PDF Reader - PDF Editor
✔ Annotate PDF, highlight PDF and sign your document
✔ Read PDF files easily and faster.
✔ Full-screen PDF reader mode
✔ PDF viewer, PDF file manager
✔ Fast and stable performance
✔ Search, scroll and zoom in and out PDF files.
✔ Easily print and share PDF files.
✔ Read PDF files as an ebook reader.
✔ Night mode to protect your eyes

⭐️ Docx reader - Docx Viewer
✔ Read and Edit your Docx file quickly
✔ Search, note, your Document
✔ Docx Reader or Docx viewer faster, smooth scroll.
✔ Quickly find any desired Docx file with the simple search option.

⭐️ Excel reader, xlsx viewer
✔ Smart Excel tools
✔ Xls reader to view all excel file formats.
✔ View files xls, xlsx, txt with high quality.

⭐️ PowerPoint reader
✔ Presentation PowerPoint
✔ Support PPT files, pptx reader with high resolution and fast performance.
✔ Search, and delete document files easily.

⭐️ Document Scanner
✔ With a doc scanner you can scan documents, receipts, photos, reports, and PDF files anytime anywhere.
✔ Extract Texts from Image OCR feature recognizes texts in document images so you can save, edit or share
✔ Save text ORC as Document

All Document Reader & Viewer: Supported All Formats
✔ Word Office Document: DOC, DOCS, DOCX
✔ PDF files: PDF Reader and PDF Viewer
✔ Excel Document: XLSX, XLS, CSV
✔ PowerPoint Slide: PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX

All Document Reader & Viewer: Files Reader, and Office Viewer, allows you to view and edit all document files on your mobile.

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